R4 Roof Panel

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
Depends on Transport Conditions
Polyurethane Density (EN 1602)
40 (±2) kg/m3
Polyurethane Thicknes
40-50-60-70-80-100 mm
Thermal Conductivity (EN 13165)
0,022-0,024 W/mK
Dimensional Stability (EN 13165)
Level DS (TH) 11
Reaction to Fire (EN 13501)
B. S2 . d0
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354)
By Volume %2 (168 hours)
Closed Cell Percentage (EN 14509)
Vapour Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086)
Heat Resistance
-200 /+110 ºC

It is the first, single and real capped sandwich panel produced in Turkey. The greatest advantage of the R4 capped panel is that the panel link elements are protected from external factors thanks to the cap profile that covers the panel connection points and the prevention of the water leakage problems that can be experienced over time in connecting components. Also the ability to make the cap profiles in different colors by preference provides an advantage for appearance. By using the R5 panels, roofs with a 5% gradient can be built; while the ability to cover the connecting components makes them usable for façade paneling

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