N5TM Membrane Roof Panel

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
Nakliye Koşullarına Bağlıdır
Rockwool Density
100 (±10) kg/m3
Rockwool Thickness
50-60-70-80-100-120-130-150 mm
Heat Insulation Coefficient
0,033 W/mK
Inflammability Class (EN 13501-1)
Water Absorption
2% by Volume
Heat Resistance
600 ºC
Sound Insulation Rw [dB] ≥
Water Vapor Diffusion (EN 12086)

This is a roof covering product which enables the necessary water and heat insulation needed in the roofs with 1,5% slope and has a high fire endurance performance. Compared to the on-site applications, it is much faster, easier and more economical. In N5T Membrane Roof Panel, the membrane is stuck to the metal instead of a filling material. It has high compression strength. The membrane prevents any change of shape, mark and foldings that may occur on the surface and creates a visual advantage and increases the load bearing capacity. It has PVC and TOP membrane options.

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