N5T Acoustic

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
Depends on Transport Conditions
Rockwool Density
100 (±10) kg/m3
Rockwool Thickness
50-60-70-80-100-120-130-150 mm
Heat Insulation Coefficient
0,033 W/mK
Inflammability Class (EN 13501-1)
Water Absorption
2% by Volume
Heat Resistance
600 ºC
Sound Insulation Rw [dB]
Water Vapor Diffusion (EN 12086)

It has A-class sound absorption performance and high sound insulation performance. Moreover, it can be used safely in the buildings where there is high risk of fire and which requires maximum fire endurance thanks to its rockwool inner core.

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