N3 Aluminum Folio Roof Panel

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
9 meters
Polyurethane Density (EN 1602)
40 (±2) kg/m3
Polyurethane Thickness
30 mm
Thermal Conductivity(EN 13165)
0,022-0,024 W/mK
Dimensional Stability (EN 13165)
LevelDS (TH) 11
Reaction to Fire (EN 13501)
B. S2. d0
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354)
By Volume 2% (168 hours)
Closed Cell Percentage (EN 14509)
Vapour Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086)
Heat Resistance
-200/+110 ºC

It is a three-indented lateral connected sandwich panel. The aluminum folio used in the part without an indent enables high corrosion strength. Roofs with a 10% gradient can be covered. Its biggest advantage is that it enables fast assembly thanks to lateral connected panel connection.

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