CS Cold Storage Panel

Production Location
Modular Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
Nakliye Koşullarına Bağlıdır
Polyurethane Density (EN 1602)
40 (±2) kg/m3
Polyurethane Thickness
80-100-120-150-200 mm
Thermal Conductivity λ (EN 13165)
0,022-0,024 W/mK
Dimensional Stability (EN 13165)
Level DS (TH) 11
Reaction to Fire (EN 13501)
B. S2 . d0
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354)
By Volume 2% (168 hours)
Closed Cell Percentage (EN 14509)
Vapour Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086)
Heat Resistance
-200 /+110 ºC

The Assan Panel CS product can be used in cold storage rooms with the specially painted surface that provides full protection against bacteria. They provide an advantage in thermal insulation with strongly fitting double tongue-and-groove joints. In addition to cold storage wall coatings they are applicable as ceiling coatings.

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