P895 Flat Polycarbonate Panel

30 mm
Useful Width
895 mm
Assembly Gap Between Sandwich Panels
920 mm
Min 100 mm, Max. Depending on Transport and Assembly Conditions
1,35 W/m²K
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient
0,065 mm/m°C
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Transparent 59%, Opal 30%
Thermal Conductivity
-40 °C/ + 120 °C
  • Used as skylight material in structures with Master Panel exterior panel application.
  • Since there is no lateral overlapping they provide an alternative between the frame and glass.
  • Provides lightness and low cost advantage compared to glass.
  • Possesses high heat resistance.
  • Guaranteed against fading for 10 years with UV protection.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Produced in transparent or opal form according to light requirement.
  • Produced in the desired size according to architectural and transport requirements
  • Maybe bent in vaulted ceiling, etc. applications.
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