Corrugated Sheets

Assan Panel provides its customers with single layer corrugated sheets as roof and wall coatings, at best price, in cases where thermal insulation is not necessary.

Single layer corrugated sheets of Assan Panel, can be applied as sandwich system with application of two plates of insulation materials. Glasswool, rockwool, extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane sheets can be used in this application as insulation material.

Single layer corrugated sheets can be produced as dyed aluminum aside from dyed galvanized sheet, non-dyed galvanized sheet. Offering the couple of affordable price and high quality at once, Assan Panel, always gave the priority to the quality.

Dyed galvanized sheet coils produced in accordance with the ECCA (European Coil Coating) standards imported from the globally leading sheet manufacturers are used at the dyed galvanized sheet products within the single layer corrugated sheets. As for non-dyed galvanized sheet products, non-dyed galvanized sheet coils manufactured at the ASSAN galvanize plants, in accordance with the international standards (EN,ASTM and ISO).

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