Chairman's Message

Our trade volume has been in constant growth since 1950s and the following decades, thanks to the transition to a liberal economy and the subsequent trade incentives. We have worked relentlessly day and night with perseverance towards the goal of success, in an office building in Karaköy with my colleagues, our greatest capital, all of whom I see as my children and brothers. Growth and development was the reward of all this hard work.

As we grew, we entered into different sectors, spread into different cities and established trade relations with numerous countries. Today, we are working with many countries in the world, both as customer and supplier. We have established robust and consistent partnerships with the leading global companies. This translates into feelings of pride and admiration for someone like me who sees his business as his child and has witnessed every stage in its development since its establishment as a father.

The arduous journey we set out on years ago, continues today with a persistent development in different sectors, with more employees and more stakeholders. I have always emphasized one thing since the beginning of my professional career: be honest and reliable. Everything can be recovered; however, if one compromises on these two principles, irrevocable losses are inevitable. Being a staunch defender of these principles is the most important element that makes us ourselves.

During our efforts which matured into a certain extent, we have developed our managerial skills and experienced many examples which highlight the application of business acumen. These experiences guided us in establishing our enterprise which has become a holding today, and in overcoming many challenging processes in the meantime. You cannot become big without being small first, as one cannot enjoy success without overcoming challenges. As a small company with a mission to grow, we started establishing today in the past.