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Assan Panel sandwich roof and wall panels provide thermal, water and sound insulation, fire safety in accordance with the insulation structure at the buildings which meet the needs of the industrial sector, make life easier and comfortable. At the same time, the fact that they are economical, aesthetic and of good quality, helps performing its functions of safely protecting the building from the conditions of the outer environment. Lately, in our country and abroad, our firm not only responds your needs for roof, wall, interior partition of many buildings such as social and industrial buildings, factories and warehouses, shopping malls, etc. at affordable price, but also is ready to meet your demands with affordable price in the cold room systems that can be used as coating material in cold rooms.

Assan panel is used for affordable, fast solutions with high and best thermal insulation in areas that concern medical, pharmaceutical, chemical products in addition to the food products, with its cold room panels. Assan panel also offers hygienic, healthy, affordable, fast, solutions with perfect thermal insulation capacity with cold room panels, for preservation and storage of meat, vegetables, fruits and seafood at megamarkets, hypermarkets, supermarkets.

Assan panel also offers affordable and hygienic, fast solutions with best and high capacity thermal insulation, with its cold room panels, to laboratories, hospitals, meat plants, meat processing plants, dairy , frozen food plants, seafood processing and packing plants, big industrial cold storage rooms.

Thanks to its special dye applied on surface, which provides full protection against bacteria, Assan Panel 900CS and 1100CS products can be used in cold rooms as hygienic material. They provide advantage in thermal insulation by strongly fitting with double tongue-and-groove joint. Cold storage rooms can be applied at ceiling coatings in aside from wall coatings.

Apart from dyed galvanized sheet, metallic surfaces of stainless steel can also be used At the Assan Panel 900CS and 1100CS products. Setting the objective as to manufacture fit for purpose products with a focus on the customer, Assan Panel combines affordable price and high quality to continue offering its services with perfect thermal insulation.

Assan Panel guarantees the perfect insulation with its sealed joint details.

Assan Panel, maintains its values including raw material quality, authorized dealers network and effective installation service, and quality control in each step starting from production of good quality and raw material entry to delivery, in conformity with TSE, EN and ISO standards, in the manufacturing process of cold room panels of dyed galvanized sheet and stainless steel with the same diligence shown in the production of sandwich panels. Along this mentality, it has become one of the pioneering institutions leading the industry.

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