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Net Coverage Width  : 1000 mm 

Application : Wall Claddings

Production Plant : Balıkesir

Metal Properties : Prepainted Galvanized Steel

Insulation : Rockwool

Rockwool (mm) : 50-60-80-100-120

Thickness of External Sheet (mm) : 0.50-0.60-0.70, Prepainted Galvanized Steel

Thickness of Internal Sheet (mm): 0.50-0,60,  Prepainted Galvanized Steel

In order to generate an aesthethic outlook wall panels are generally produced as micro hedge. It has symmetrical upper and lower face so that it can be applied interchangeably, and its fixing are visible. 1000 DWT panel with that property can be applied safely on structures facing high fire risks and buildings for which maximum fire resistance is essential.