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2 + 6

Net Coverage Width  : 1000 mm 

Application : Roof - Wall Claddings

Production Plant : Istanbul

Metal Properties : Prepainted Galvanized Steel
Assan Aluminium product high condition, AW 3000 Series Aluminium Alloy

Insulation : Polyurethane

PUR (mm) :

Thickness of External Sheet (mm) : 0.50-0.60-0.70, Prepainted Galvanized

Thickness of Internal Sheet (mm):
 0.40-0.50,  Prepainted Galvanized

The biggest advantages of the Master Panel, with the cap profiled system, are that panel connection parts can be hide easily, and the water leakage problems that arises as time passes is prevented by this way. The cap profiles can be chosen in different colors other than the panels that is bought which enables a visual advantage. Furthermore, the roof coverage can be implemented with a roof slope of 5% or more. Because the cap profile covers the connection parts it can be used as wall panel as well.