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P965 Plain Polycarbonate

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  • Compatible with Master Panel 915 R3 and Master Panel 1000 R7 sandwich panels in every thicknesses. For that, will be installed easily and quickly.
  • Can be reinstalled after removing the intended sandwich panel on the completed surface of Master Panel 915 R3 only without having to remove the all surface due to not having overlapping form
  • Cap profile earns architechtural visuality besides corrosion protection by concealing the fasteners
  • Provides high waterproofing and thermal insulation when installed with sandwich panels.
  • Suitable for every roof slope where sandwich panel can be installed.
  • Installation also in wall claddings with Master Panel 915 R3 and Master Panel 1000 R7 sandwich panels.
  • High heat resistance
  • 10 year warranty for yellowing due to UV protection
  • High shock resistance
  • Transparent or opaque for different light requirements
  • Can be produced in every length according to architechtural requirements and transportation conditions.

Thickness 30 mm
Net Coverage Width 965 mm
Assembly Gap Between SandwichPanels 920 mm
Length Min 100 cm,
Max. Depends on transportation and installation conditions
Heat Transmission 1,35 W/m²K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 0,065 mm/m°C
Light Transmittance Transparent %59, Opaque %30
Temperature Resistance -40 °C / + 120 °C