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P895 Plain Polycarbonate

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  • Can be installed in window profile etc. between the wall claddings with sandwich panels
  • Single form without overlapping provides the usage of between window profile alternatively to glazing.
  • Lighter and economical than glazing
  • High heat resistance
  • 10 year warranty for yellowing due to UV protection
  • High shock resistance
  • Transparent or opaque for the light requirement
  • Can be produced in every length according to architechtural requirements and transportation conditions
  • Has flexibility for vaulted roof solutions.

Thickness 30 mm
Net Coverage Width 895 mm
Length Min 100 cm,
Max. Depends on transportation and installation conditions
Heat Transmission 1,35 W/m²K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 0,065 mm/m°C
Light Transmittance Şeffaf %59, Opal %30
Temperature Resistance -40 °C/ + 120 °C
Bending Radius Min. 6000 mm