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Material Specifications

  • Polyurethane

    Polyurethane is a plastic polymer established with the reaction of the isocyanides having NCO and polyol with OH group. The condensation reaction is the polymerization reaction fully, and it is the immediate lower group of the plastic family. Polyurethane foam is obtained with the composition of the following four raw materials:

    * Poliol
    * Isocyanate
    * Blowing agent (n-Pentane)
    * Catalyst

  • Coating Types

    The rapid developments in the coating materials in the recent years are presented with quality advantages and high performances in the organic coatings. The layer consisting of the composition of the galvanized coating and organic coating consisting of the panel metal surfaces especially increase the life of the material by presenting ideal solution in the corrosion resistance especially. The thickness of the sandwich panel metal surfaces facing the outside depending on the corrosion type and level are 45 micron (25 micron organic coating plus 20 micron galvanized coating); however it may increase up to 300 micron.

  • Aluminium / Prepainted Aluminium

    Aluminium rolls used in the production of sandwich panels are in accordance with EN, ASTM and ISO norms. The aluminium is preferred in the panels are made from 3000 series. The surface appearance may be conducted as flat or embossed. The painting code may be applied on the flat aluminium sheets with coil-coating process.

  • Galvanized Steel / Prepainted Galvanized Steel

    The users require that sandwich panel components should contain durability, high load carrying, and hygiene features. The metallic surfaces of the sandwich panels used in the roof and facade coatings are mainly produced of painted galvanized sheets. ASSAN PANEL uses the painted galvanized sheets imported form the most reputable firms in the world produced in accordance with the ECCA (European Coat Coil Association) norms.

  • Craft Paper

    The sandwich panel with 1000R7 K craft paper is used in the terrace roof coatings alternatively. The lower surface of the panel (painted galvanized sheet) is made of metal, and the upper surface is made of craft paper. Craft Paper is cellulose based and suitable for the water insulation layer on the terrace roofs. The cap profile is installed in opposite direction during the installation. Then the panels are bolted to the purlins with the side with craft paper looking upward. The panels are fixed with the automatically step opening bolts to the carrying system.

  • PVC Membrane

    Sandwich panel with 1000R7 Membrane is used in terrace roof coatings. The lower surface of the panel is painted galvanized sheet as the upper surface is made from membrane. Therefore, no additional coating will be necessary for water proofing after the installation of it in the Site, and it will cause time and labor saving.
    PVC Membrane Advantages:

    * It has a laminated coating resistant to the ambient conditions, sun rays, and plant roofs,
    * It has high dimensional stability and high tear resistance through the polyester fitting.
    * It has excellent bonding ability in panel production through the geo-textile felt lamination.
    * It is high quality since it is subject to tests during the production by the accredited laboratories
    * It is steam permeable.

  • Fastening System

    Various fittings are used for the fixing of the sandwich panels and corrugated sheets to the carrying construction in facade (siding) and roof coatings, such as accessorized joints. The resistance, water proofing, appearance and etc. of the fittings should be preferred meticulously during the design phase.