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Quality Management

Our firm as the leader in the Sandwich Panel Market in Turkey was awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate in 2006 covering competent dealership organization, and all processes of production, marketing and after sales services, starting from design phase, monitoring the effects of each activity and aiming continuous improvement towards the achievement of customer satisfaction at the highest level. In addition, in accordance with the TS EN 14509/AC:2009 harmonized and based on the Total Quality System; the TSE Certificate of Compliance – TS EN 14509/AC:2009 Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels in the Factory was awarded in 2009 indicating that all quality controls are provided within the firm in all phases from the materials to be used in the production until the shipment of the goods produced.


Assan took the entire production process from the supply of the raw materials to the shipment of the products in accordance with the TS EN 14509:2009 standards integrated with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in all panel production facilities of the Firm. Our suppliers are regularly controlled and audited for evaluation in product quality, supply period, technical support, improvement efforts, and etc. in order to insure the raw materials, as one of the most important factor of the production affecting the quality of the products, to be constantly complies with the technical specifications and in constant quality level. The control transactions are divided into three phases as Entrance, Process, and Product Quality Controls. In addition, the feedbacks obtained from our clients and corrective/remedy actions in the company are also considered to achieve the Continuous Improvement as our fundamental aim. According to TS EN 14509:2009; before launching a product to the market, Type Tests (ITT) (surface mechanical properties, cutting strength and shifting module, pressure resistance and module, dragging resistance, swelling, bending momentum capacity on the central support, fire reaction) are conducted. The following control studies and R&D studies are conducted in the external and in-house laboratories:


The purchase process is commenced with the preparation of the technical specifications of the raw materials as the requirement of the production in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management System, determination of the Approved Suppliers, and monitoring the performances. The controls of the raw materials /consumables to be used in the production are conducted based on the national and international standards. The raw materials and consumables which are not in accordance with the technical specifications, the national and international standards were discarded before included in the production process, achieving the continuous quality.


Our products are produced in the continuous line having the latest technology digital system which allows the control the production parameters by the operator. The quality control transactions in the production phases, Quality plans/ product recipes by product were defined in the System. International and national standards defined in the Quality Plans, control period, methods, devices (calibrated), critical values-parameters, and etc. are considered and the quality control is conducted by the competent personnel. The measurement values obtained during the quality controls are recorded with comparisons with tolerance values. These values are evaluated statistically and considered as the basis for the improvements and aiming of the targets.


Our products are subject to the tests in the frequency and for the durations as defined in the national and international standards devoted for the products, per product/order depending on the final usage locations. The tests results are evaluated within the tolerances; and the products are then packaged after the assurance of the compliance. The transportation, storing, and installation conditions documentation is also included in each package to insure the full knowledge of the Clients on proper transportation and handling.